What school is best for an interior design education?

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You made it through high school and are now on the road to your career. First, Interior design education schools, but did you choose the right one? Everyone tends to ask themselves that question at least once. You are different though because as an interior designer, there is few school to choose from compared to doctors and lawyers. It also depends on your location, tuition requirements and whether you can meet them.

Interior design education schools

If your a California resident or wish to move to the beautiful state, there are only a few schools to choose from. The first school to soar to the top are the very famous Art Institutes of California, which specialize in fashion, interior, and media design. The difference between this creative arts school and others, this has a well appreciated culinary arts program.

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The next school on the top of the list is the Los Angeles Institute of Architecture & Design. This school offers architecture and interior design, as stated in the name, but also specializes in media too. The third school is the New School of Architecture & Design, which has a more elaborate academic choice compared to the others, it is just not as well known.

The next popular state to get educated in interior design is New York, where the creativity has not only outshines the rest of the country just by saying its name, but has produced more famous brands than anyone else in the country (aside from Hollywood making names for people).New York School of Interior Design is the name to know in this field.

Think about it, L.A. has tons of people but New York has so many that they stack them higher than any other city in the U.S. Most of them moving to this expensive city in order to score the dream job of their lives., with interior design being the number 3 career on the list.

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There are other little known schools throughout the nation the=at offer smaller interior design courses but you need to find what works with your budget, time management, and educational standards. Every school is different so explore and take notes. Compare what you want to include in your college journey and go from there. It is all up to you and no one can stand in your way.

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