How to Keep Your Home Fresh: Your Modern Kitchen

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How often do you walk into your kitchen just to see the word “DRAB” screaming at you from every countertop, every drawer, every tile? Has cooking become a trial simply because your kitchen just doesn’t feel like a fun place to be? The good news is that with a few improvements, you can transform you kitchen into a modern dream come true.

1. Think height and light of Modern Kitchen

An easy trick for opening up your kitchen space is to apply a bright white paint to all the cabinets, drawers, and window sills, leaving the backsplash in a fun accent color (think robin’s egg blue, or warm peach, or even a bright yellow). These surfaces will reflect light and make the whole room appear fresh and modern. Alternatively, choose a “happy” color for cabinets and drawers while keeping all other surfaces bright white. Also, install windows that are taller and longer. These will allow more natural light into the room, besides modernizing its look.

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2. Open up the space

If your kitchen is small, consider removing blocks of counter top or islands that close up the space. The kitchen should be the heart of the home, and all people should be welcome to enter. By removing barriers like walls or boxy ends of counter space, you automatically present a friendlier, modern appearance.

3. Tile is key

Flooring is just as important for the look of your kitchen as anything else. Keep the “height and light” idea in mind by choosing large, light-colored ceramic tile. To make the space appear more open, lay the tile down in a diagonal pattern.

4. Steel yourself for stainless

In today’s go-go world, nothing is more important than easy-clean surfaces that keep their shine. Consider investing in all stainless-steel appliances–refrigerator, oven and stove, sink, dishwasher, etc. These additions not only look modern, but also last longer and are easier to keep looking nice than painted appliances.

Modern Kitchen Interior picture

5. Light up your world

If you are going for a modern look, avoid the standard flat ceiling lighting and go for something new. Add a sky light and fresh hanging lights, or other fixtures that match your color scheme.

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