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There is nothing more inspirational than these five interior designers that have made a mark in history. They have moved the world with their brilliance and classic styles. One of the inspirations that I came across is Jean-Louis Denoit. He is the most desired French interior designer. He has a classical way of designing his mark to the world.

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He gave not only a classical approach to his style of design but a neoclassical one as well. He brought education, logic, and history to his design. His design originates from the 18th to 21st century. All of his work has made a more comfortable and trendy look for all who enjoy his style. There are more homeowners, decorators, and antique lovers, who admire his furniture design.

Top Interior Designers David Collins

David Collins Studio was first established in 1985. David was born in Dublin and later traveled to London. He designed a contemporary design and became another inspiration to all designers. He is valued for his work and recognized to be well known for his furniture design. His work is taken from the 20th and 21st-century interior styled design.

Kelly Hoppen is another interior designer that was awarded the European women of Achievement in 2007. She was recognized for the Decoration Award and Grazia Designer of the year. She also was awarded the Andrew Martin Interior design award. (International). She was born in South Africa on July, 28th of the year 1959. She is recognized to be a hard dedicated worker who is ambitious about her goals. She has made a change in the world of interior design.

A designer who has a style that reflects the New American Classic look is Victoria Hagan. There is no one on earth that gives a more modern way to express luxury. She has a fresh, restrained iconic style when it comes to her design. Victoria’s work is handcrafted in the United States. She was recognized in the Interiors Hall of Fame. There is no other more capable of her unique touch in design.

Style The Charles by David Collins

Marmol Radziner is an interior designer that has established his work in Los Angeles. His work was founded in the year of 1989. His special design was made of residential, commercial, hospitality, cultural and community techniques. He gave a variety designs services, which includes architectural, construction, and landscape design. The interior design was also a furniture, jewelry, and of modern restoration design.

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