Great Design Ideas for Your Mobile Home Space!

Chic Country Cottage

Decorating your mobile home to suit your needs and to reflect your personal style can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be impossible. After reading this article you will learn some tips and tricks of the trade used for decorating smaller living areas. Continue reading to learn some professional tips that are sure to inspire your desire to decorate.

Let’s start with some not so common sense ideas. The logistics of decorating a smaller space can be a big part of the problem so start by decluttering. You don’t necessarily have to downgrade by getting rid of all of your things but just like my mom always said make sure that there’s a place for everything and that everything is in its place. Just by making sure you don’t leave a lot of items sitting out you will ensure a tidier home.

Chic Country Cottage

Mobile home interior design

A smart color scheme will also help you make your home both stylish and also appear less closed in. Pairing neutral colors with pops of bright hues is not only fashionable but practical as well. And if you use mainly neutrals you can always phase out or in a few of your brighter pieces to shake things up.

When decorating for room and style don’t forget to choose a few accent items you love. Don’t, however over decorate by filling your home with lots of nick knacks. You will just have to dust more often anyway.

The next weapon in your arsenal should be the optical illusion. Use some of your favorite decorating pieces to your advantage. Place items higher up to draw the eyes in that direction. This old trick will give the appearance of a taller and less boxed in home.

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Perhaps one of the most important decorating ideas is the centerpiece or display. A good example of this is the fireplace. Let that item be the center of your rooms attention. Place a mirror or tall case on the mantle for good measure as they will again draw the eyes upward.
Hopefully these few and brief tips will get you going in decorating your beautiful home. Happy decorating and remember that sometimes less truly is more!

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