Eco friendly flooring options for interior decor

Eco Friendly Flooring pictures

Eco-friendly processes produces Eco friendly flooring options that can be rapidly renewed, and has significantly lesser adverse impact on the ecosystem throughout its entire life span. Sustainable floors have an aesthetic appeal, for example conventional flooring like bamboo or sisal are highly sustainable, and such preferences for flooring helps secure a better future for the communities that produce and supply them.

It is relatively easier and convenient to install different types of hardwood floors than in the past. Sometimes there is no need to assemble the boards prior to or after the installation process- they can be simply taken out for display straight out of the box.

Bamboo Flooring pictures

Types of Eco friendly flooring

Bamboo is a highly renewable and replenishable source of hardwood that has been historically used as conventional flooring in Asia for many generations. Scientifically bamboo is a grass and not wood, and attains maturity in a few years. It is a storehouse of up to 70% more carbon annually compared to other hardwoods, and does not need re-plantation without harvesting since the root system is left intact.

Cork offers a living environment for other flora and fauna, and is a great eco-friendly option. During the process of harvesting less carbon emissions happen, and low-VOC options are available as far as sealants are concerned. And after its use as flooring, it can be easily recycled.

True linoleum (lino) is sourced from 100% renewable sources, and is completely biodegradable and is commercialized since the late 19th century under the trade name Marmoleum .

Popular Eco Friendly Flooring Solutions

Lino is a mixture of processed cork and pine resin, dried and processed flax seeds (linseed oil), with a burlap, or canvas backing. It has anti-static and fire-resistant properties which is suitable for people suffering from allergy, and since the pigments are enmeshed in the physical structure of linoleum it is fade-resistant.

Coconut palms are quick growing but are not harvested until the plant is around 60-80 year old and have achieved senescence. It is a unique source of hardwood with closely spaced grain, and is fairly inexpensive and robust. It happens to be a unique choice for flooring, but is highly sustainable option.

32 Photos of the Eco friendly flooring options for interior decor

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