Common Decorating Mistakes that Make Spaces Feel Smaller

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Whether in a small studio apartment or your family sized home in the suburbs, the feeling of being closed in is never welcome. Often times, a simple decorating trick can create an illusion that makes all of the difference in our dwellings. First, it’s important to see if you’re making any common mistakes on this list which can be corrected and open your eyes to a whole new space.

4 Common Decorating Mistakes

1.) Disorganization equals Disorientation

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Walking into any space that is covered with items both big and small can be overwhelming and ultimately cause the dreaded claustrophobic emotions to kick in. Just like the show hoarders promotes, you should clear the space while donating or disposing what you can, storing some and bringing the rest of the items in with a plan. There are plenty of storage and organization systems available with great affordable options at places like IKEA or the dollar tree. When every item has a home, your home isn’t overrun by items. This results in a more open feel to your space.

2.) Not using Your Natural Light Source

In many homes on the market that are staged to sell you will notice that the curtains on the windows are sheer, they may be fixed beside the window instead of actually covering any part of the window, or you may find there are no curtains at all. Those homes feel very spacious, open and inviting. This is because any natural light source you have through windows brightens the entire appearance of a room. For a quick fix swap your heavy curtains for sheers and make sure nothing is blocking the light coming from any of your windows. Want to make the room look taller? Use floor to ceiling length sheers to elongate the appearance of the window and draw the eye upward.

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3.) Dark Paint Defeats The Purpose

A major mistake that causes a room to feel small is the paint color. Darker colors bring the walls inward and create a closing effect of your eyes. Choosing lighter colors on the walls opens everything up.

4.) Matching Mistakes

It is possible to match too much, this causes your furnishings and accessories to appear as one unit which results in a smaller look to your space. Mix textures, different patterns, pops of color or keep things clean and solid but don’t overdue the same pattern.

Ultimately, decorating is a form of expression but often we find ourselves getting off track from the look we were hoping for. Correcting these simple mistakes can make a huge impact in your space.

36 Photos of the Common Decorating Mistakes that Make Spaces Feel Smaller

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