College Prep and Interior Design Classes For Potential Interior Designers

Interior Decorators vs. designer

All your life you wanted to have a career that you could put forth your most creative skills, right? If you are in high school then at this point you need to start thinking about your future and preparing for it now. There are certain basic classes you need to have a minimum amount of credits in and then you have your electives. depending on what your school offers it is either one or two. This is where you ad your most creative classes and make sure they are something that can be used towards your career goal.

First, we all know that you need your basics: math, science, history, etc. Two very important classes you should get into as early as possible are Art and Business & Marketing. They will be they most important subjects to start learning before college.

Become an Interior Decorator

Interior Design Classes

Physiology is another great subject to try and get into but it is not exactly needed. The interior design world can not only get extremely competitive but with the standards being held as high as the fashion industry, it can get daunting at times. This can weigh heavily on the mind and soul.

One very important class to try and get involved in, if available, is computer animation. An animator can use the 3D modeling system that these artists use in order to make model homes and give before and after ideas to their clients. Another way to apply this is to use it for personal decorating ideas or just to see how something would look first.

Eventually a designer could expand on printing there own models out with a 3D printer in order to use in there work. If offered, take design history or even art history. Both will be helpful and full of knowledge. Hey why not take them both?!

Decorating Ideas

Classes are not the only thing you should worry about. Although knowledge is key, so is experience. In order to know you must do. Practice as much as you can doing anything you can. Even if that means start by remodeling your moms bathroom when she isn’t home! Start small and keep it simple. Practice pristine presentations and cleanliness of your work.

Always pre-think your designs. Draw them out first and take notes where you need to. And always remember to keep a handy dandy tape measurer on you. Even for something as simple as hanging a picture.

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