The 5 major types of interior design styles: what every good decorator need to know

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If you are going to make a career out of being an interior designer, you will have to become acquainted with the top 5 major types of Interior Design Styles. Each of these interior design styles cover every spectrum. There is something for everyone.


1) The modern look is the first one of the interior design styles we will take a look at. This look avoids the over-excessive way of doing things. With the modern look, less is more. This is perfect for those who live in small apartment or for an office building. The textures have a very clean and simple look. The colors are also clear and more neutral in their tones.

Popular Interior Design Style

2) The next one is contemporary. The negative space is as important as the objects. It’s simple and clean too. It’s basic, but bold enough to handle some color.

3) Than there is the traditional look. The furniture accentuates each other. It has order and detail. It has a homey feel to it. It also tends to have a no muss no fuss way about it. The floral patterns are most used in this design.

4) The fourth one is the industrial/urban look. This one is truly one of the more outspoken ones, when it comes todifferent interior design styles. The materials most often used here are the bricks, woods and metals. If you live in a converted apartment or building, this is where you will most likely find this design. If you wish to create an industrial type of house, this is the model to use.

Type Of Interior Design

5) The final interior design style to mention is the classic look. The wood is dark throughout the home. Any type of furnishings are done through a main focal point. Sometimes it’s a fireplace. Other times it’s a window. The look is harmonious. Elegant fabrics and natural colors are more or less the order of the day.

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